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by posted 09/08/2014

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Board of Directors - Election Results
by posted 09/05/2014

Our Board of Director Elections were held on September 4th. 

Here are the results and the board for 2015:

Role Officer
President Luis Ponce
Vice-President Ron Gottschalk
Treasurer Mike Walenchok
Secretary John Wieland
Returning Board Members
Steve Meneskie, Dean Vesce, Eric D'Antonio
Elected Members (term)

Kevin Whartenby (2), Mike Maxeiner (2), Kevin Ritchart (2), James Turner (2), Tim Miller (1), Chris Zema (1)

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Scott Zimmerman is stepping down after 8 years of board participation, including 3 years as President.

Gary McCuen is also stepping down after 8 years of board participation, including 2 years as Vice-President.

The board and I personally would like to thank Scott and Gary for the many years of service and contribution to the organization.



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Field Status
Baker Batting Cages - Moon Township OPEN (9/17) 
Baker I - Moon Township OPEN (9/17) 
Baker II - Moon Township OPEN (9/17) 
Devenzio - Moon Township OPEN (9/17) 
Devenzio Batting Cages - Moon Township OPEN (9/17) 
Full Sized Field - Moon Township OPEN (9/17) 
Krane Field - Moon Township OPEN (9/17) 
Whispering Woods - Moon Township OPEN (9/17) 
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